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Connect - Select - Manage

Property-Link : a simply yet sophisticated cloud based solution linking floor and wallspace plans to product and service catalogue’s enabling your team to remotley manage repairs, replacements, renovations and installations.

Perfect for - Real Estate -Insurance - Builders - Renovators - Facility Management - Property Management Teams


  • Property-Link enables organisations to quickly link digital building plans, homes, offices, retail, and commercial floor space.

  • Creating a cloud based solution for managing communication and collaboration with a network of contractors, suppliers, and customers.
  • Property-Link is seamlessly integrated with MeasureSquare's state of the art mobile measuring planning apps as well as sophisticated desktop take-off software.

  • Quickly and efficiently build a library of digital floor and wall plans, to elimanate process duplication.
  • Perfect for managing, repairs, replacement and installation of any wall, floor, based product or service.

  • Carpets, Wall Paper, Paint, Windows, Air Conditioning, Under floor heating, plastering, Flooring, Tiling, Cabentary, the list is endless.
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    2. SELECT

  • Select from your list of local or national building projects, multi story residential properties, rental roles, commercial facilities, Government housing clients.
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  • Select individual or multiple properties, commercial spaces, apartments, to create comprehensive quotes and orders, linked to a specified product and service contract pricing catalogue.
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  • Selecting individual or multiple floor and wall spaces enables a user to assign, replace, or remove, products and services. A simple four step process to create a comprehensive quote or bid package for residential or commercial spaces.
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    3. MANAGE

  • Expand Property-Link's seemless integration with MeasureSquare's Technology suite.
  • Create the prefect solution to manage any size project from customer enquiry to installation.
  • MeasureSquare - FloorLink - SerivceX and JobTrakr, create the perfect frontend technology stack, so your team can work seemlessly to acheive outstanding results for every customer everytime.
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  • FloorLink's simple, yet sophisticated workflow's can be adapted to suite your business processes.
  • Perfect for an individual company, as well as multi location chains.
  • From Lead to Installation FloorLink keeps everyone on the same page.
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  • Jobtrakr an exceptional tool encompassing a mobile app for site Project Managers, linked to a simple and yet again sophisticated cloud based solution, designed to.
  • Manage, monitor, and report on site moisture readings
  • Manage monitor and report on site task and installation completion rates.
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  • ServiceX is a tool that is as familiar as the latest communication apps, texting, and taking selfies.
  • Designed for Android and IOS platforms.
  • ServiceX is your teams instant live connection for all project members to share txt, images, voice messaging, video, documents, MeasureSquare Plans, location data, maps everything you need to keep ontop of the projects daily flow of information.
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    Manage - Monitor - Report

    JobTraka - Essential functionality designed for flooring businesses requiring a simple, yet sophisticated solution for tracking job site tasks, monitoring moisture readings and reporting on project completions.

    Comprising of a mobile site application for instant site reporting, JobTraka is linked to a cloud based interface providing access for all team members.

    1. MANAGE

  • Manage all types of task groups, create customised group catagories enabling you to track and report on any critical site related data.

  • Real time management is acheived via JobTraka's mobile application linked to a cloud based web interface designed to replicate site data as it happens.

  • A simple logical and functionality workflow process creats an effortless interface users can relate to. No complicated learning curves, just simple functionality so your team can get on with it.

  • 2. MONITOR

  • Monitor moisture readings, task and installation completion percentages.

  • Utilise Jobtraka's comprehensive filters to drill down to the exact data you need.

  • Monitor site issues with real updates from mobile Jobtrakr application users.

  • Instant communication and collaboration with project teams using MeasureSquare's Integrated technology stack component - ServiceX


  • Run comprehensive reporting on task completion, site moisture readings and installation completion rates